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From quite humble beginnings in Nyaburu, a small village in Rongo, Kenya, I overcame poverty and achieved a gratifying career in radiation therapy. After completing my Ph.D. in computational atomic and molecular physics and a radiation therapy training at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland USA, I have thereafter dedicated over a decade of my life to optimizing safe radiation therapy treatment for cancer patients.

Cancer and its treatment have not just been a part of my career, it has also touched me personally. My grandmother passed on from ovarian cancer with minimal disease management due to poor diagnosis and inadequate treatment methodologies. The pain I felt is one felt by many in developing countries where there is a rising cancer burden annually. Having obtained MBA from West Texas A&M University, it is now my aspiration to help alleviate this pain.

My name is Dan Odero and I am the founder of MSI, Inc. —a premier one stop diagnosis and treatment technology solution.


Medical Specialty International, Inc. (MSI, Inc.) is a US-based private company that provides a one-stop high quality, cost-effective healthcare solutions for providers that include, but are not limited to: equipment, software and supplies for radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, veterinary medicine, cardiology, and surgery. MSI, Inc. offers new and refurbished equipment, spare parts, equipment installation, maintenance, and training. In addition, MSI, Inc. also provides professional healthcare delivery services, and healthcare management services. MSI, Inc. distributes and wholesales medical equipment, devices, and products in Africa, Asia, and Latin-America and is the appointed representative for several major international manufacturers.

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