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Developing economies require a non-traditional and unique approach to meet their radiation and diagnostic needs. There is a huge need for diagnostic and radiation oncology services that cannot be met due to the lack of technical experts and limited finances. The reimbursement rates for treatments in developing economies, for example, are less than 0.1% of the reimbursement rates in developed economies, yet both utilize the same equipment or devices sold by the same overseas manufacturers at relatively the same cost.

The cost of these equipment or devices is therefore relatively unaffordable within developing economies. Standard traditional business plan based on demographics doesn’t apply to under-served developing countries. The limited initial and ongoing staff training in new treatment methodologies can result in potentially irreversible unsafe radiation consequences. Also, lack of exposure to international expertise limits optimized use of the advanced treatment equipment that the medical facilities may already possess.

The MSI, Inc. approach is to offer on-site training, provide readily accessible technical experts, and help in developing business models tailored to the local situation. Since MSI, Inc. represents international radiology and radiation-therapy medical equipment manufacturers, it can utilize this leverage to offer cost saving strategies to the local facilities.

MSI, Inc.’s technical, educational, medical, business and international exposure enable our clients to offer the safest and best treatment and diagnostic services to their patients.

The rapidly changing fields of radiology and radiation oncology require competent technical staffing that includes medical physicists, medical engineers, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, and radiation- therapy specific IT staffing. These continuous changes make radiology and radiation oncology departments one of the most expensive medical departments since they require frequent equipment upgrades and occasional offsite trainings. To minimize these costs, but still keep up with these changes, it is necessary to have an experienced technical team that is versed in clinical and business operations in these fields and capable of offering a cost effective total package. MSI, Inc. provides excellent world-class packages tailored to the needs of each facility. The role of MSI, Inc. is to educate and supplement our clients’ staffs.

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