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How you can localize tumor within submillimeter accuracy and deliver lethal cancer dosage

The goal of radiation therapy is to deliver a higher dose of radiation as possible to cancerous cells to achieve better cancer control while at the same time minimizing any potential exposure to normal organs to reduce the radiation injuries or side effects. This can be achieved by prescribing a very smaller additional volume around the tumor that is enclosed by the radiation beam shape. Unfortunately because of some uncontrolled tumor motion and problematic external patient positioning, this smaller margin can result into geometric miss with unsafe radiation consequences, if for example, the tumor is located near a critical organ.

It is now possible to track this internal motion of the tumor and realign it with the radiation beam in real time which then increases the accuracy and precision of radiation delivery resulting into better clinical outcomes. One technology than can be used to achieve this goal is Calypso system.

Calypso system consists of tiny biomarkers that are placed inside the tumor and a thin flat panel array placed above the patient near these biomarkers. The array provides wireless radiofrequency signals at selected pulse rates which excites the biomarkers at their unique frequencies. The biomarkers work by absorbing some of the frequencies and re-emit the rest to the wall mounted infrared camera detectors. These detectors are calibrated to the treatment room coordinate reference system capable of detecting the location of the biomarkers in real time within submillimeter accuracy. In the event that the relative location of the biomarkers are detected to have shifted by more than the preset tolerance, the signal is sent to the radiation producing machine and the radiation is automatically turned off. The detection of the target can consequently be achieved within less than one millimeter.

The higher the targeting precision, the higher the prescribed lethal radiation dose can be prescribed with less radiation to normal organs and the better the improved quality of life with fewer long term complications.

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